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Haircuts Sebastian FL

We are the best at haircuts, texture or blunt cuts fine medium coarse hair!

  • Advanced Layer
  • A haircut with soft layers and a square silhouette, or box shape.


  • The accuracy and exactness you apply to all areas of the haircut.

A-line Parting

  • Parting that extends from occipital to just below the ears.

Horizontal Layers

  • Layers of hair that are created by taking a horizontal subsection and cutting at an angle parallel to it.



  • The incline, decline or tilt of any line or position to the head, neck or hair shape.

Razor Cutting

  • Razor cutting with short, smooth motions for for a softer edge. Can be used for internal or internal or external texturing.

Back Cutting

  • Technique used to break up layering and to create lift.

Hairline Shaping

  • Creating short, clean lengths in the fringe area.


  • Disproportion between similar parts of a haircut. Creating shapes that attract the eye or draw it away from a particular point. 
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