Salt Yoga Sebastian Fl Levels for every need & ability

Seated Yoga

Seated Yoga

Seated Yoga

stillness in seated position, meditative practice.  gentle movement  & meditation, pranayama

Seated Yoga:

The purpose of this class is to relax into the body, connect to our breath, and explore the space of stillness in a seated, meditative practice. This class will incorporate gentle movement with meditation, pranayama (breathing) and light stretching. 

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Seated Yoga

Seated Yoga

deepen & strengthen the mind-body connection practice of pranayama, meditation,& gentle stretching.

Relaxation Yoga

The purpose of this class is to relax the mind through bringing awareness to the breath and body. We will deepen and strengthen the mind-body connection through the practice of pranayama (breathing), meditation, and gentle stretching.

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Full Motion

Seated Yoga

Full Motion

Yoga, Salt Cave, Full motion maximum befit, Halo-therapy, lung capacity, health wellness mediation

Full Motion Yoga:

The purpose of this class is to strengthen the physical and energetic practice of yoga by deepening our connection to breath and movement. In this class we will work with clearing blockages and grounding ourselves through synchronizing movement with breath.

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Salt Cave Yoga Sebastian Fl Schedule Seated, Relaxation , Full Motion health & Wellness, Fitness

Salt Cave Yoga Sebastian Fl Schedule

Please Arrive 15 Minutes Prior to Start

 *Please note, all classes are held in the salt cave at The Hair Tiki. The Salt Cave is a Halotherapy - which is achieved through a Halogenerator. The Halogenerator  purifies the air and increase lung capacity to allow for deeper and fuller breathing. Incorporating yogic techniques and breath work with salt inhalation provides an optimum environment for our respiratory system. This creates a calming and detoxifying effect that decreases stress and inflammation. 

Halogenerators operate on precise timing. For that reason please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to check in situate and prepare. Doors will close on the hour and admission to class will not be possible. This is a mechanical operation and must be adhered to. 

Thank you for understanding.

Specifically Curated Classes

 Along with the benefits of halotherapy, this unique experience will create a space of ultimate serenity using the healing properties of salt, sound and vibration. Each class will be unique and curated towards the needs of the individual(s) participating. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle . 

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Whitney!  Yoga Certified Professional  salt cave  individual or group Instruction.  Halo therapy  FL

Salt Yoga Halo-therapy in Sebastian, FL


Meet Whitney! She is our yoga coach.

She will meet with you in the salt cave for individual lessons 

or buddy classes of up to 4. 

Call us for more info! 772-228-8986

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Video Seated Salt Yoga Session Sebastian FL

Seated Yoga - Perfect for Someone just Starting, Unsure of their Abilities or Needing Adaptation to Participate. Yogi Whitney assists with Seated Adaptions Customized to Meet Your Abilities.

Halo- Yoga at the Salt Cave in Sebastian FL

The Salt Cave at the Hair Tiki offers customized Yoga Classes to meet individual needs and abilities.