Keratin Treatment. Hair Straightening, Reduce Fizz , smooth hair, add shine Sebastian FL

Keratin Treatments - Hair Straightening - Sebastian FL

Smooth Shiny Hair is A Keratin Treatment Away!

It's a given fact ...if you have straight hair you want curly, if you have curly hair you dream of straight...are we right? And let's face it NO ONE want's FRIZZ and everyone longs for SHINE! A Keratin Treatment is just the answer. The Keratin Treatment  process straightens, smooths and shines the most unruly Manes by coating the hair follicle and breaking bonds that in essence tell your hair to be curly. Your hair will look healthier and Truly be healthier.

Keratin Treatments can last 3-5 months based on hair type and more importantly adherence and commitment to proper care.

For more  on Proper Care and Frequently Asked Questions click on the link.

Keratin Care- The Do's & Don'ts

DO- get your hair colored prior to Treatment.

DO- use Sulfate Free hair care products.

Don't- get your hair WET IN ANY way for 3 DAYS

Don't-Use clips. ties. ponytails or anything that will dent or imprint.Hair must be worn STRAIGHT & Down for 3 Days

Before & After Keratin Treatments

Before & After Results Vary by hair Type. Your Hair Tiki Stylist is professionally trained to counsel you on what you may expect and how to care for your hair to achieve the highest Quality Results